IBEX Climbing Gym's Portable Climbing Wall is awesome. Don't believe us?? Check these pictures out.

(Don't forget to look at some of the lines and attention that it draws!).

Awesomeness achieved.

Having the Portable Wall as part of your event is almost a guarantee for a smashing success. The Portable Wall always has the longest lines of any attraction or other portable service. Bouncing houses? Obstacle courses? Kids, teens and even adults love the 23ft tall challenge. 

Looking to get noticed? Did we mention that it draws attention from a distance as well?


Duration: 3 hours (minimum)
Price: $600 + $125 ea. additional hour.  *Distance greater than 25 miles may require $50 transport fee
Includes: Portable Climbing Wall, IBEX Climbing Gym staff to run the wall, all equipment 

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