Homeschool Program

Is your homeschool family facing challenges when it comes to incorporating P.E. into the curriculum and keeping kids active and fit? Or are you looking for new and fun ways for them to socialize?  

The IBEX homeschool program is a great solution! Through climbing, we aim to help children build self-confidence, learn valuable problem-solving skills, and develop teamwork and leadership skills. Children will develop their social and athletic abilities by using their minds and muscles in an environment that fosters healthy active lifestyles. They will make new friendships with other homeschoolers, get in a great workout, and have a blast doing it! 

Enrollment benefits include:

  • Full gym membership with free rental gear - a $65 per month value!

  • Free Ropes and What-Knot class for parents - a $70 value!

  • 20% discount on all regularly priced items in the pro shop

Ages 6 to 12 - Mondays - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Maximum 6:1 participant to coach ratio - space is limited!

Our younger participants will begin their weekly session with an hour of warmup in our bouldering area. Our coaching staff will lead them in climbing games like Freeze, Shark Attack, and Simon Says on the wall. After bouldering warm-ups they will go downstairs to climb the big walls. They will take turns climbing as our staff belays, coaches and instructs. Those not climbing will rest from their own climbs while cheering on the current climber or traversing the nearby wall sections, The session will end with sets of exercises intended to improve endurance, strengthen muscle, and burn off excess energy. The length and intensity of these exercises will vary based on the groups energy level that day, the specific activities of the day, and the abilities of each individual.

Enrollment is $75 per month, and must be set up for EFT automatic billing.

Additional siblings are only $60 per month each!

Ages 13 to 18 - Mondays - 10:00am to 1:00pm 

Maximum 15:1 participant to coach ratio

Our older participants will go through our standard Ropes and What-Knot class on their first day. This will allow them to belay for each other under the supervision of our staff. A weekly session will begin with being lead through stretching exercises. After stretching they will go upstairs to the bouldering area to warm up. Our coaches will lead them through games and drills focused on improving climbing technique, gaining strength, and honing balance and coordination. Top rope climbing will follow warm-ups. Pairs will take turns belaying for each other while our coach gives instruction, tips, and supervision. As climbers progress they will be assigned new projects and goals to work toward. The session will end with burnouts lead by our staff. Burnouts are intense workouts done to exhaustion maximizing muscle build and caloric burn while enhancing endurance.  As this session does cross the typical lunch time, participants are encouraged to bring high energy snacks like protein and granola bars.

Enrollment is $60 per month, and must be set up for EFT automatic billing.

Additional siblings are only $45 per month each!