First thing's first!

Every climber in IBEX MUST have a Liability Waiver filled out before they can even touch the climbing walls! Climbers under 18 years of age must have the waiver filled out by their one of their parents. No exceptions. Please complete the Waiver form below for your child. 

Now that our legal team is happy, IBEX wants you to know that kids of all ages are welcome to enjoy the awesome climbing at IBEX! To help IBEX make your visit incredible, we need to know a few things about your visit before you arrive. 

**FYI - At IBEX Climbing Gym, we consider all climbers under the age of 13 to be "kids." If the majority of your kids are 13+ years of age, check out our FIRST TIME CLIMBERS Page!

I am bringing my own kid(s) 

Easy, make sure you fill out the waiver above and keep reading!

You have two options:

1.) Bouldering

We have a 12ft climbing wall (the bouldering wall) that does not require harnesses or ropes nor much instruction. This shorter climbing wall is open all day, every day. Your young one can come and climb for $13. Rental shoes are $5 and they assist the climber in a big way but are not mandatory - close toed shoes should be worn otherwise. No bookings are necessary, just be sure to fill out the digital waiver and come on in. Don't forget to check our hours!

2.) Top Rope Climbing

If you are wanting access to the Big Wall, you will need to schedule this with our staff! On Saturday and Sunday mornings IBEX staff are Mountain Mates who show your child all about climbing and follow this link. Our Mountain Mates are kid specialists! They are highly experienced in using all the equipment necessary to hold and catch kids on the climbing walls. Check our bookings below for dates and times! Most Saturdays and Sundays are available.

Bringing a group of kids with a non-profit or sports team?

We can also handle groups of any size! We host Kansas City's most incredible group events. Where else can you take your youth events to such great heights?!

Make sure to copy that waiver link above and send it to all your parents and have them complete the waiver.

Tell us the name of your Non-Profit Organization or Sports Team
Name *
Tell us how many kids and when you are looking to come! Please be booking at least 10 days out.