Everyone MUST have a Liability Waiver on file!

Which of these options best describes you and your upcoming visit?

I am experienced and have also belayed someone recently.

Upon arrival you will go through a "belay check" in which you will demonstrate to IBEX staff that you know how to properly assemble, check and use all climbing and belay equipment for rope climbing in an indoor setting.


 -- OR --

I'm more or less new to climbing! What do I need to know?

We are glad you asked!

Below you will find your answer! Climb on!

If you are 13 or older, this page is for you!

We are so excited that you are about to visit IBEX for the first time! Here are a couple of things to know before your visit. Did you know that IBEX offers two types of climbing? 

Top rope climbing

Top rope climbing

Roped Climbing 

IBEX Climbing Gym's rope wall is ~32 feet tall.

This is where beginners should start! The climbing movements are much easier than bouldering (see below) and less strenuous on the body.

To perform this activity, first, you need to learn how to use the gear that is required. Just like skydiving or SCUBA diving, one must learn how to operate the equipment and perform the safety checks. Fear not! We have a class that can literally "Show you the ropes". Check out our Ropes and What Knot course!

This  course designed to educate new climbers and get them climbing in about 90 minutes (the course also comes with a free two-week trial membership).

IBEX has multiple class times for the Ropes and What Knot courses every day.

New and inexperienced participants who do not take Ropes and What Knot will be restricted to the bouldering area.


IBEX Climbing Gym's bouldering wall is ~12 feet tall.

Typically, bouldering is performed on relatively shorter climbs with thick crash pads underneath. There are no harnesses or ropes involved. Bouldering is incredibly fun and very physically challenging. Originally developed as a training method in France, bouldering is now enjoyed by people all around the world.

Little instruction is required for bouldering, but those who have not taken Ropes and What Knot will be limited to the bouldering area.

The bouldering area is open all day, every day.